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The BelaNature Organics Story…Ingredients that come from the Beautiful wholesomeness of Nature…

BNO is a specialized supplier in the organic ingredient market.  More specifically, BNO supplies nutritionally superior organic ingredients. We not only search far and wide but we also validate, inspect and audit our hand-picked group of growers and processors.  Our founder is a doctor who’s commitment to the Hippocratic oath drives the core values of our company: “First do no harm.”   We have decades of experience in medicine, health, and nutrition as well as growing and processing crops.  Our founder is literally a consultant in the field coordinating growers, building processing factories, and specializing in nutritionally superior ingredients.  Among other talented individuals, our team includes a board certified physician, zoologist, professor of biology, and food scientist.

Our team is a happy dedicated group of intelligent and gifted individuals.  They too are specialized in their various and respective duties.  From our CEO to our newest hire, from sales and marketing to logistics, from warehousing to formulating we focus on delivering the very best ingredients to our good customers.  Our products are more than just ingredients, they are the building blocks for good health… And that is why we diligently endeavor to supply Nutritionally Superior Organic Ingredients.

We work directly with individual farmers and through farmer co-ops.  Our responsibility to these good individuals and their families is to support them through fair market pricing and safe working conditions.  Through these efforts we create an environment of sustainability for the farmer. We know how this works to stabilize the farmers income as well as create jobs.
However, organic isn't necessarily sustainable.  Therefore sustainability is also about growing ingredients without depleting natural resources.  Our growers and farmers demonstrate programs that show how they work to replace nutrients taken from the soil.  They are required to efficiently use resources via natural controls and biocycles, grow viably economic crops, enhance the natural resources of their immediate region, and enhance the lives of the farmers and the consumer.

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