BelaNature Organics is a wholesale supplier of high quality grass, fruit and vegetable powders; we engage the best dehydration technologies available, as well as suppliers of raw materials around the world.

Our goal is​ to offer a variety of high quality powders to attend the needs of the most demanding segments of the market. Today we are known to offer organic, whole and juice, fruit and vegetable powders, of the highest quality.

BelaNature Organics is made up of group of professionals with extensive experience in production of powders, and with well-established production capabilities in North and South America.

Because of our commitment to quality we have decided to​:

  • increase our ability to produce some very specialized powders,

  • grow some of our own crops, and

  • better control our supply chain.

BelaNature Organics wants to provide you more personalized services and ​be your source of high quality organic, whole and juice, grass, fruit and vegetable powders and we are price competitive.

We look forward to continue to serve you, and your organization, in the upcoming years.

Henrique M. DeAgostini
BelaNature Organics